Our understanding is that we are naturally peaceful, loving and happy.
Through meditation, we can connect with our essence and
start living our lives from this more peaceful and loving place.

Welcome to

The Brahma Kumaris

We teach Raja Yoga Meditation, Positive Living and Empowerment.

Join us for free, casual meditation sessions in a space dedicated to meditation and vibrations of peace.

Learn how the mind works, how to calm the mind and create positive, powerful thoughts that leave you feeling light, clear and happy.

Join us for one of our workshops and talks on various topics centered around creating better relationships, self understanding and happiness in day to day life. 

Our thoughts rule our feelings. Learn how to take back control of your thoughts to increase your happiness and appreciation for life.

Jason Ure

Business Owner

I've been practising raja yoga meditation for over 20 years and find it's like my force field. Little things in life don't get to me and I find it easy to be happy more often than ever. Love it.

Mariam Shatti


I feel my best when I start my day with meditation. I also love to practice soul consciousness which is basically seeing everyone as loving beings of light.

Ludi Battley


Meditation helps me stay centred and loving.

Peter Clark


The focus and calmness that meditation brings me is invaluable. I couldn't be this happy without it. Highly recommend it.