Is it hard to imagine the world of nature where the 5 elements of Water, Earth, Air, Fire and the Ether respond to the vibrations of love, good feelings and positive energy? Masaru Emoto didn’t think so and nor did the ancient Bharatwassi Culture of India who used to practice Shashwat Yogic Kheti and the Art of Yogic Farming. Read on to discover how powerful and life changing it can be to add pure positive vibrations into your environment and reap immediate rewards.

Exploring The Power of Thoughts

Guiding Principles for the Experiment

The flower experiment is a time lapse photography video made by Rebecca Yip.  It’s based on an interval of 30 minutes for 24 hours throughout the course of 30 days.  It was an experiment that used 3 pots of flowers of the same size and color. Each pot was labeled with words of what she would say to them each day & the 3 pots reacted differently to the energy and words that were sent to them.

This idea came about when she chanced upon Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water and rice experiment where he experimented mainly on the source of water.

What Rebecca did, was she removed the element of water to see if thoughts had the power to still change and affect the flowers in anyway, without watering them. The results were fascinating…


A.  Despite no water for 30 days the plant that was told “I love you” grew new shoots and stood tall.  B.  The time lapse revealed that the “I hate you” plant still tried to reach upwards despite being told “I hate you” and ultimately did better than the middle plant.  C.  Possibly the most amazing thing was how the middle “ignored” plant shriveled, shrunk and was the worst off.  It would appear that the worst of all is to be ignored, disregarded and treated as though you don’t even exist!  I can’t think of a single human being who would like this either.

Piero Musini Explains Yogic Farming

Yogic Farming (Shashwat Yogic Kheti) in Action