Based on children’s books about Taylor and the Bright Light

authored by Susan Kauderer. 

The Story

Taylor doesn’t understand why he feels so sad. He wants to be good all the time, like he was before. When there are no more tears left to cry, he encounters a bright light of hope and goodness – now he has an aim, and more importantly, a way back to happiness. 

These days, hope and enlightenment are invaluable.

We all have a Taylor within us and we all have a true friend in Bright Light.

Thought provoking questions...

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Take a moment to discover your inner peace...

Take a moment to create a quiet space on the inside...

Take a moment to be with your friend Bright Light...

Early Morning Nectar

The best time to remember Bright Light is in the early morning.  Remember your friend with love in the morning and allow Him to fill you with all the virtues and powers you need to make the right choices throughout the day. Be like the honeybee, and take nectar from Bright Light to bring more sweetness into your life. 

Take a moment to experience the silence of the soul world...

Connect to God, the One up above...

The Power of Silence...

I went to Bright Light for peace and love. It felt like I just went all the way up into the big nice bright sky, light blue, and then I flew up into the clouds with Bright Light and He gave me lots of peace and love and nice vibrations. Then I received lots of love and saw all the angels and there was lots of love everywhere. Then when I went to bed with my Teddy, it felt so nice and I fell asleep.

Allysha, 6