The simple practice of stopping for breaks of one minute for the mind is used every day, every hour at Brahma Kumaris Centres around the world. The Just-a-Minute initiative was created to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris. In September 2006, 30 million people around the world joined in a one minute ‘global link up’ at the launch at London’s Wembley Arena. It was a theatrical celebration of sound and silence, movement and stillness, and the event was a contribution to the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Give the Mind a Rest - Recalibrate, Recharge ...

There are estimates that we each create between 36,000 and 90,000 thoughts a day. Many of our thoughts are negative or unnecessary – and this is what tires us. In order to reclaim inner peace and well-being we need tools to change both the quantity and the quality of our thoughts. Taking just-a-minute to become aware of what I’m thinking and how I’m feeling gives us the space to recalibrate and recharge by changing the direction of our thinking – from negative or unnecessary to positive and useful. This is what empowers us again, and with practice we can re-build our ‘mental muscles’ and become the master of our mind.

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Relaxing My Mind

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