Shantivan - Oasis of Peace

The Shantivan complex was established in 1996 in response to the ever-growing activities of the Brahma Kumaris. Among the events held are conferences, educational retreats and retreats for professionals. The Diamond Jubilee Hall, built in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations accommodates over twenty thousand people and has the facility for simultaneous translation into six languages. There is one main conference hall with a seating capacity of 1200, again with simultaneous translation into six languages, and six smaller halls which can seat 350 people for lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. There are two halls for mediation and a museum. Residential buildings in the complex have the capacity of accommodating around fifteen thousand people. The printing department which caters to the printing needs of the organisation, radio station and television studios are all housed here. Like a small city, there are all modern means of communication, transport, well-laid-out roads, electricity, and solar energy.