Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Have you ever wondered who a true yogi is and how they became like that?

A yogi is someone who practises the ancient form of meditation to achieve a higher consciousness.

The practise of meditation in some form or another has become a popular method to relax, destress and to achieve a calm and stable inner state. There are many effective tools and techniques to help you to achieve this result.

But when you face major challenges or a turning point in your life, these tools and techniques are not enough to help you. A deeper transformation is needed.

Each one of us is on our own journey.

Like a 900,000 dot-to-dot worksheet, karma and drama play a serendipitous part in guiding us towards our true image, yet all we see is the next dot and most often it is the one behind us. Without knowing the full picture, it is hard to reconcile all the differences, conflicts and struggles in our lives. Hindsight is a useful tool to decipher the pattern, but insight is the greatest blessing one can attain to reveal the drawing of one’s life, before the end.

Life’s challenges and turning points are our wakeup call to seek out the truth, because truth can only be attained through a higher consciousness. A true yogi is someone who listens to this call from within and follows a path of self-realisation through meditation.

Each one’s journey is unique. Sharing one’s life journey can inspire others to view their own journey through a different lens.


To some of our long-term yogis from various backgrounds share their journey on our podcast: Yesterday, today and tomorrow – interviews with a yogi.

Allow them to take you on a 30 minute flight to see who they were yesterday, who they are today and who they plan to be tomorrow.