Welcome to a New Perspective

Have you ever held your thumb up to the evening sky and played peek-a-boo with the moon? It reminds me of a line I once read as a child: “the grasshopper laughed with the moon, for it was smaller than him”. Perspective is everything.

An angel’s perspective is one of lightness – the pure light of truth that touches the heart. It is this perspective that changes one’s perception. Raja Yoga meditation has touched the hearts and opened the minds of many souls from around the world. We are so happy to be able to continue touching hearts and shining the light through our online centre.

Join us, and grow with us, as we navigate the tender balance of keeping the doors of our heart open in an increasingly closed world. If you find yourself in the dark, then come in and step into our calm spotlight, where you will find interesting, inspiring and informative talks, events and experiences to lighten and enlighten the soul.

The collection of programmes on offer are all products made by dedicated yogis from The Brahma Kumaris who have wholeheartedly volunteered their time to brighten up your day. Cast your eyes over our online events in the Centre for Soul Conscious Living and choose something of interest. Or, if you are looking for more inspiration, then Posts is the place where you can find a new perspective to soak up and spark your journey under the pure light of truth.

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Join Ranjani on a journey of understanding why light always wins as she sits down with yogis from different cultural backgrounds to hear their perspective.