Vision of mercy

Our eyes can take in a large amount of information. How much of it is retained depends on our concentration at the time of seeing. Have you ever taken one of those tests where you observe a scene for a minute, it then disappears, and you must recall as much as you can in the next minute? Try it sometime. It is a good exercise to increase concentration and observation skills.

However, if you ask two or more people to take the same test, it is likely that they will have different perceptions of what they had seen, perhaps even contrary at times.  How we make sense of the world differs from person to person, because of our unique experiences and the short cut methods we subconsciously adopt to assimilate information.

Perception bias is the reason we do not always see eye to eye.

Trying to change someone’s perception takes a lot of effort, and success is not always guaranteed. Yet, as individuals, we fall into the habit of trying to change someone else’s perception, particularly because it can be very effective on a large scale and repetitive basis. Advertisements and marketing campaigns are good examples of trying to change people’s perceptions.  So, if you are preaching to the masses and your method is well organised, then you are likely to see change in cultural perception, provided you are patient enough to wait for the tide to change.

But there is another, less taxing way, to see eye to eye, and it all begins at home. First within the self, and then within your circle of relations and connections.

Where perception is concerned, communication is flowing from the outside to the inside. What we see, hear, and feel in the world around us, is taken in, processed, and retained based on our understanding of it. We are essentially ‘walking receptors’, relying heavily on our sense organs to absorb information about our world.  

By learning how to remove your perception bias, you can start to see the world and its people from your forgotten yet imperishable innate wisdom. You can adopt a vision of mercy based on the deep truth of the soul and our connection with each other as human beings. Learning this deep truth will charge your soul with mercy for yourself and for others. Communication will then start to flow from the inside to the outside.

The light of your soul will flow from your eyes, your thoughts, your words, and your actions.

In your every interaction, you will experience giving instead of receiving.  

You will become ‘walking effectors’ instead of ‘walking receptors’.

Your new elevated character will influence your circle of relations and connections and inspire them to see from your perspective.

You will become the change you wish to see in your world.

You will see your world change, after your own eyes have changed.

What effort did it take for you to achieve all this? Only a fraction of what it takes to try and change someone else’s perception.

Become an instrument for world transformation through real self-transformation.