Trimurti: 3 Stages of the Life Cycle

The Trimurti is well-known in India and in religions based on the ancient scriptures.

The word itself means three forms. The forms represent the three stages of the cycle of life – creation, sustenance or preservation, and destruction.

This is nothing new for us, as the literal meaning of life is the ability to grow and change.

If life is to grow and change, then it’s opposite, beyond life, must mean to be constant and eternal. There are many stories of people being out of the body and seeing light after a near-death experience. So being in the body represents life and being out of the body represents beyond life.

When we think outside the box, wonderful new things are created. The origin of creator and creation are therefore different.

Again, this is nothing new for us, because the law of conservation of energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So, to add new energy to a system, that new energy must come from outside the system.

The Creator of life must originate outside the box, beyond life, and the Creator injects new energy into the cycle of life to create new life. But the soil must be fertile for sowing. This is represented by the first form of creation.

New energy received from the Creator must be sufficient to sustain the creation for a full cycle of growth and change. But the creation must also be willing to accept it. This is represented by the second form of sustenance or preservation.

When a cycle comes to an end, that creation is destroyed, to make room for a new cycle to begin. But the creation must also be willing to surrender. This is represented by the third form of destruction.

Whether you call it the Trimurti or the holy Trinity, God is separate from all three forms.

As the Creator, He is the Father of all three forms. However, He does not have a body, He is beyond life, and therefore, in our own confusion, we have merged significant bodily beings with God. But He is also not omnipresent. His form is that of a tiny point of sentient light or a living seed, for He is the Light of new energy or the Seed of new life.

How does God create us in His own image? By injecting knowledge of truth and reminding us of who we really are.

I am a soul, a sentient point of light, the same image as my Father; but I am embodied, and He remains beyond. When I sit in meditation, in remembrance of Him, I accept His new energy of sustenance and surrender myself to Him. Each day, I observe myself transforming through this method of remembrance, and each day, the cycle of life spins.

Are you stuck in an old life? Old ways of thinking and doing?

Are you looking for change? A new happier YOU?

If you answered yes, then your soil is fertile for sowing.

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