Transform Negativity

Negative situations in people’s lives continue to increase and people are unsure about the future of their lives. People are getting stuck because of the way the world is moving and what is going on. They are looking to be empowered and receive security in their lives. Many energies of life are not positive, whether from close friends and family, from the TV and computer, from written or spoken opinions of others and even from the ‘busyness of our own minds’. So how do we handle the ‘negatives’, whether it’s someone’s attitude or their hurtful gestures or our daily dose of world violence and mayhem. 

There are three cardinal rules. 

First, do not absorb it – don’t be an emotional sponge. 

When we absorb negative energy of others, we feel pain internally. Become free from your internal dialogue of negativity and critical thoughts. When in bad energy, do not judge others; embrace positivity. When we take from a positive scene, we feel emotionally joyful. When we take from a negative scene, we feel emotionally sorrowful. Be around those who love and support you through the good and hard times. Get away from people who can’t charge your spirit when you need a jump. A dead battery can’t charge a dead battery. 

When people are rude to you, they reveal who they are – NOT who you are!

So don’t take it personally. What others are projecting to me is merely a reflection of themselves, and has little or nothing to do with me. Their ‘projection’ is merely a ‘reflection’ of themselves. 

Second, do not reflect it back – detach from the inner storms.

At times our first reaction to a difficult situation is often negative, and we are carried away in a storm of negative thoughts, which are of no use and lead us further from the solution. Instead, stand back and in silence observe the hurricane pass. Detached observation withdraws the energy your negative emotions require to sustain themselves. For example, when you watch your own anger, it dies. If you don’t detach from it, and observe it… it will be your master. The same applies when affected by others. Constant practise of thinking one positive thought everyday helps me to maintain stability and be immune to bad energy. 

As you do, so you become! 

Every action that you perform is recorded in you, the soul, and ultimately shapes your character and destiny. 

When you understand this principle, you play more attention to thinking and bringing your best to everything you do, even in the most negative situations. 

Third, transform it – visualise the reality you want. 

Imagine possible positive outcomes or results. This keeps the negative outcomes away and attracts positive results towards us. Visualise the reality you want and create a thought that it already exists! Start radiating that thought to people or to the situation. Think and talk only about what you want to happen, believing it has already happened. This change of thoughts and words shifts the vibration, and reality begins to manifest. The negative outcomes begin to disappear and instead positive results are attracted to us. 

Search for an individual’s positive traits and talents, remind them of their potential, and watch them shine. The light switches ‘on’ the moment they hear good news about themselves.”

(Magic Wand – Ron Siwiec, Binghamton, NY)

When someone is not at their best, notice the best in them, their successes and qualities. Keep in your mind: What’s the quality I appreciate in this person? These positive vibrations influence their state of mind and help others create powerful and pure thoughts to draw out their best. 

Study spiritual knowledge and meditate. God has taught us the importance of spiritual wisdom for increasing our mental strength and emotional resilience. For example, the quality of the sun is giving, it never seeks to receive or take; it is a powerful force of nature. When we emerge this virtue in ourselves, we become emotionally powerful inside, lighter, happier and more content in life’s different situations. Look within to give to life’s dramas and fill them with primary qualities of life – peace, love and joy. 

You are what you think. 

I the soul am always creating and receiving thoughts. Think you are a being of peace and peace will become your personality. 

The only person I can change is myself. Turn on your internal light, be soul conscious. 

Feel you have stopped stumbling; the darkness has been dispelled and you can see clearly. So, check yourself. Your mind and intellect should be very light. 

You choose how people affect your mood. It’s your choice how you live life either absorbing and reflecting negative energy or transforming it. 

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Sister Chirya is a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University for over 40 years.