The Power of Thoughts

The Power of Thoughts

Thoughts are like a seed. Whatever thoughts we think – we get the fruit of those thoughts (good or bad).

Yogis understand that our thoughts also create a vibration and vibration is energy.

Interestingly, vibration also sets the tone of the feeling and most of us know this by “I get a good vibe from this person…” or “I got a bad vibe from this person.”

Vibration has a fragrance like a perfume, and the thoughts we have spread like a fragrance would throughout the atmosphere.   That’s why people make comments and say “you could have cut the air with a knife.”  Even from a distance you can sense other people’s thoughts, even though you may not know what they are thinking or why.  For instance, you may sense if someone is very happy or really frustrated and for this reason its important to be around people who think lovingly, people who think positively otherwise you have to safeguard yourself from “catching the flu” (of negative thoughts).

Where do our thoughts come from?  They come from the mind.

With the power of the mind I can make myself sick with thoughts if I dread things or don’t want to do something.  I can also talk myself out of grave illness and restore a my life with the thoughts I am thinking.

For Instance:
I wake up… nothing is happening yet, I am not out of bed yet but I am already telling myself “I am tired” or “oh no I don’t want to go and see this person, etc.”

The mind is conscious, subconscious and unconscious.  Unconscious means there is a lack of awareness.  I am completely unaware of my thoughts and I am just going along thinking them.  My mind is just repeating thoughts mindlessly – without my awareness because of habitual thinking.

In BK Meditation we know there are three things that influence our thoughts:

  1. Our Mind.  What our mind is thinking
  2. Our Intellect.  Sometimes called the Heart of the Soul, its the wisdom that the heart knows…
  3. Our Personality Habits.  The way we are used to thinking and the habits we have formed in our thinking.  This creates our attitude, our feelings, etc.

So How real can the mind be?

The answer to this is VERY real.
Imagine going to your kitchen to make a cup of tea.  We can smell the tea, we can feel ourselves in the room. We can taste the tea as if we are drinking it?

What happens in the mind can be so real – but we need to learn how to talk to our own minds…  Tame the mind.

We need to replace our thoughts like a mother would replace an unsafe toy for a baby.  How does she do this easily?  She replaces the toy with the child’s next favorite toy and we have to do that with our harmful thoughts.

Harmful thoughts are always hurting us because they are taking us down.

In the daytime, having negative or self-defeating thoughts creates our life and instead of having a good life we create a bad life.

Problem is, a high percentage of those thoughts can be sheer imagination. It’s in my mind but not in true reality.  So I am imagining people don’t like me, or I imagine people are talking about me and I accept that as the truth – instead of discovering the truth.  In the end… I am creating it.

I need to check in with what I’m thinking – EXACTLY what am I thinking ??? (unconsciously, without realising).

Then, I need to take responsibility for what I’m thinking.

Even if someone thinks bad of me – that’s their responsibility.  But I should not let their thoughts and feelings affect me (and that’s my responsibility).

If someone is thinking badly, I can just give good wishes and have mercy for them.  After all, they could trapped in their own thinking and imagination as well.

Using Meditation to Free Yourself
The thoughts that are harmful we can let go of in meditation and keep letting go of them because its good to teach ourselves how to think better.

Discriminating our thoughts and learning how to put them aside is a healthy practice.

Say “not now, later…” or “oh, I don’t need to think this now…” – this is a self-caring way of managing thoughts.


3 Things We Can Do to Change our Thoughts

  1. Acceptance.  Accept what you cannot change.
  2. No comparison – we lose our identity in comparison.
    Another person’s role is not the same as our role.
  3. Check and change.  This equals discrimination. The minute I begin to discriminate I can change it immediately because I can see how bad it is (for me) if I continue to think like this…

The past is like a debt. The future is not born yet. The quality of my thoughts will create the best future because it is a seed.

Meditation charges our battery (the soul). So fill the battery with positive thoughts. Like a favorite song you like to hear from the beginning of the day – hearing this song makes you feel good for the whole day.  Recharge yourself with meditation or good thoughts from the beginning of the day.

Before you go to bed. Review the day like a business man.  What is my profit and loss from the day (what did I do that I liked OR what did I do that I didn’t like). Review and decide for the next day.

Peace is an awareness. So is negativity. All negative thoughts give us an awareness (but the wrong awareness).

So each day, which thoughts do I want to have and which thoughts do I want to replace.

Some people are afraid to be alone, but if we can make that connection to ourselves we can begin to have a positive experience because we are coming into our own energy.  By connecting to our higher self we get hope, we know who we are and we get to feel comfortable.  Trusting yourself, connecting with yourself is your highest level of being.

  1. Serve through body (help them)
  2. Serve through wealth (share the wealth of your spiritual wisdom lovingly like a friend)
  3. Serve through words (lift them through words)
  4. Serve through the mind is to serve vibrationally.  By creating good vibes in my own life I am able to lift others without any extra effort and this is the highest form of service.

The good wishes we have for others.. allows us to feel better through a bad situation.

It also helps them too because it always better to be surrounded by friends compared to people who don’t approve of me or parts of me.

Trusting others to work out their stuff is the practice of a friend.