The drama of life is a yo-yo…

…in great Hands.

An expert yoyoist would know how to spin the disc in a circle, catch it, drop it to the ground, pull it up again just before it touches the bottom, and catch it again, ready for another spin… and, they would be able to do it fast.

I am not an expert yoyoist. I’ve never tried the sport. But it did occur to me, that the drama of life moves in very similar fashion.

The cycle of time spins from its beginning, all the way to its end, where it meets its original stage again.

Add to this, in its centre, a beautiful world tree, that grows from the beginning and matures into a tall handsome tree (albeit upside-down, since the beginning is in hand).

A tree grows and grows,

But eventually he has nowhere to go,

Because the ground is coming up before him.

In a giff, he gets pulled up with a sniff, and

Starts anew, potent and filled to the brim.

The life of the tree is contained within the seed,

And the seed itself follows time’s limb.

The life of the tree is contained within the seed, and the seed follows the cycle of life’s drama, just as the hands of the clock move in one direction. When the hands all come together, a new seed is sown.

A great mother, speaking of God, once said…

[He brings] about the beginning at the time of sowing the seed and then there is also the seed of the end. The whole tree then takes the strength of the seed. “Seed” means to create and then to bring about its end. To bring about the end of the old world and to bring about the beginning of the new world is referred to as God doing everything.”

Ah, so there’s the rub. God is the great yo-yoist. Not I or you.

I know if I tried my hand at it, I’d probably drop the disc. Only God is the Almighty Authority who can handle all the responsibility. Oh, dear God, bless you. Do let us know if you need a hand, or two, but…

…the time is changing, and the wind is blowing, so a finger is probably all they’ll be showing!

PS: Hyperion, the tallest redwood in the world, is secreted in Redwood National Park, California. The tallest tree ever measured, is the hardwood mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans), near the Watts River, Victoria, Australia. Apparently, hardwood trees grow individually within large stands of different types of trees. But, this particular hardwood is no more due to deforestation and a thirst for construction. Such is the tall poppy syndrome. Now is the time to change that, by standing tall together.