Surviving Spiritually

Surviving Spiritually

by Shakti

Recently I came to explore the Survival Industry where they find simple ways of “surviving” using the bare minimum.  What I love the most about this is the practicality and the simple way we can apply these or same principles to our lives – to nurture ourselves, take care of ourselves, look out for ourselves…

Whenever we are faced with difficult situations there is always that split second moment in time, where we could go one way (up) or the other way entirely (sideways or downwards).  So learning how to survive, learning how to see something from a different angle, is a very beneficial tactic – especially if our usual way of looking at it is not working for us!  Today I am sharing one of the most vital of “survival skills” and that is adapting.

In the physical survival world adapting means you will adjust yourself to deal with whatever challenge is in front of you.  If you are confronted by a fire or another live threatening situation such as a snake, a collapse of a building, a tsunami – in a second can you assess the situation and respond in a way to look after yourself.

In the spiritual survival world adapting means deciding how you will handle yourself if you are confronted with conflict, emotional turmoil, difficult relationships or situations.  In a second are you able to assess your own emotions, explore your options, decide on how you can assess the situation for validity (or lack thereof), is there a way you need to conduct yourself authentically to reach a positive outcome?

Adapt or Perish …adjust to new conditions

Life has a funny way of happening doesn’t it… and that means there will always be something new coming into our lives that can turn our lives upside down.  So it makes sense to learn how to adapt rather than get upset with each new change (which takes away our happiness and weakens us).

Therefore being able to read that situation clearly and in a way that serves our spiritual well-being helps us to determine whether everything will be OK as well as how to adapt and adjust myself (for my own well-being and benefit).   Otherwise I will create resistance that stops me from being able to move forward, and I will begin to gather reservation, resistance, reluctance and reasons why I should shift my focus even if those reasons bring me something way better… So… unless these little internal “arguments” are comforted within the circumstances (and I feel OK with them) I risk losing the “timing” associated with adaptation.

Adaption always has split moment in time where it’s now or never!  So identify that moment and if its safe and beneficial JUMP!