Story of Two Brothers

For eternity, there existed two brothers.

The elder brother was an innocent sort, always agreeable, yet firm in his benevolent approach to all life. Secretly, he believed all is good; but if not good now, then soon it will be.

The younger brother was a courageous sort, always adventurous, yet firm in his respect for authority. Secretly, he believed all is good only if I am in control to make it good.

They both had equal right to the kingdom.  The elder brother had first right to reign first. But being kind natured as he was, he allowed his younger brother to reign first instead.

The elder brother watched and observed the condition of the kingdom under his brother’s reign and waited patiently for his turn.

He observed that all his brother’s children and adopted children were slowly losing their authority.

He also observed his brother changing from being full of life to being full of burden. But he also knew that his younger brother would not hand over the kingdom easily.

So, when it was coming closer to the time of his reign, the elder brother began to prepare his eldest son to take his seat. He had no intention to sit on the throne himself. He was that egoless. Instead, he worked slowly to instil in his eldest son the one thing he knew his younger brother would respect, which was authority.  Then, as one, both the elder brother and his son began instilling authority back into their children and adopted children of the whole kingdom.

And in this manner, slowly but surely, the kingdom changed hands peacefully.

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