Step Fully Into The Light

I see the world.

I see the state of the world.

I see the people of the world and I see the state of their minds.

But, actually, who am I to comment on any of it?

I am an expert of nothing, only myself. I can guarantee no one in this world knows me better than I do.

The only being that knows me better than myself, is the Divine, the Supreme Soul, the Creator, the Father of all souls. He is beyond this world.

On the journey of self-realisation, the most important relationship I can cultivate is a relationship with God.

In fact, in a world where no one truly knows me and I have forgotten who I truly am, my last thread of hope is God. God is the light in a world of darkness.

My real journey of ‘Who am I?’ began with ‘What is my relationship with the Supreme Father?’ He has always been a presence from childhood. He even helped me on the rare occasion I pleaded with Him.

But our relationship only sparked when I turned myself fully toward His light. Not sideways into the light, like some say. But the full Monty.

This is only possible when the world has lost its lustre and the last thread, the sought-after meaning of life, is the only lifeline.

Look at me? I’m lower than low. I’m worthless to myself, let alone the world! What would He say?”

Then… one word resonates deep within like a low pounding drum. Courage.

The courage to look at Him.  In the eye.

He said: “What-ever you are, how-ever you are, you are Mine”.

My sense of belonging shoots through the roof.

Not some mediocre sense of belonging to just anyone or group. But a profound sense of belonging to the Creator, the Almighty Authority.  I belong to my Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.

A connection of love is forged.

That’s how our relationship began and continues to grow each day.

Courage is the seed of Divine love.

What is your relationship with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul?