The Brahma Kumaris
South Morang

The Brahma Kumaris South Morang Centre is housed in a 1980’s style two storey brick home.  From here, we serve a large multi-cultural community in the North West suburbs of Melbourne.

Although the Centre backs onto a very busy road, the calming atmosphere inside the Centre very quickly gives visitors the experience of stillness and peace.

At the Centre, we offer The Brahma Kumaris’ core curriculum Raja Yoga Meditation courses and classes in English and Hindi.  Tamil classes are held on weekends.  We also hold regular meditation sessions, and from time to time have talks by visiting senior meditators.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Centre.

Brahma Kumaris South Morang

2 Old Plenty Rd, South Morang, VIC, 3752
03 84073382

The Team

Jeremy Mondon

Centre Coordinator / Facilitator

Jeremy has practised and taught meditation with the Brahma Kumaris since 1977. Calm and friendly, he is the steady 'rock' at the Centre, appreciated for his maturity and the guidance and support that he gives to fellow students. Jeremy is happiest when he is being creative. He loves cooking, particularly sweets, cakes and biscuits and his cheesecakes are now famous! He also enjoys creating special spaces and working with timber. These days he dedicates himself full-time to the work of the Brahma Kumaris.

Poonam Deswal

Co-coordinator / Facilitator

Poonam has been practicing Rajyog meditation with Brahmakumaris since 2012. A mother, a wife, an employee; Poonam carries a zeal to contribute to the well-being of her fellow community members in whatever way she can. She loves to connect with an open heart and share her spiritual insights blending them with practical aspects of everyday life. She facilitates meditation sessions and interactive workshops both in English and Hindi.

The Place

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