Soul Consciousness

At the core of Raja Yoga philosophy is the understanding that we are souls. Each and every one of us is a spiritual being of light. This understanding is distinct for us all having souls. The difference is outstanding in the consciousness it creates. To truly know and experience myself as a soul is truly enlightening. To experience the body to be a vehicle that I inhabit is true liberation in life. I am no longer confined to the vehicle and I don’t derive my identity from it.   It is simply that, a vehicle. My means of experiencing life on earth. 

So we practice. We practice “Soul Consciousness”. We consciously think as often as we remember, that, “Oh yeah, I’m a soul in this body, I am a being of light. I am not this body.” And when I practice considering myself to be a soul, incorporated in this practice is considering everyone else to be a soul too. So I see the shop keeper or the plumber, as souls. Not confining them to their gender, their occupation or their age. But seeing deeper into the eyes and recognising that there is infact a living soul inside. An eternal, light being. 

It’s habit that takes a lot of practice and remembering to instill. Though, the benefits are quite profound. If you can imagine, having a lot of love for everyone you meet, really does enhance our experience of day to day life. To live inside of the knowing, that I am a guest here, only inhabiting this body for a short time, to experience this wonderful life. 

We strongly encourage everyone to try it out. Next time you look in the mirror try to see beyond the form in front of you and with this knowing, picture a point of light, sitting in the centre of the forehead, shining brightly yes subtly. Knowing, this light is me. I am a Soul.