Revolution of Purity

There is one very powerful symbol in our world that, despite the turbulent tides twisting and dirtying its image throughout time, it has retained to this day its original truth of divinity and spirituality, recognised by the few that choose to accept its origin. Those who recognise this symbol of truth, and the origin of this symbol of truth, are both located in one place. That place is Bharat or, as the world knows it, India: the true ancestral place of the Aryan lineage.

The symbol I speak of is the swastika.

Yet, this same symbol is also mirrored in a world of turbulence and conflict. The tilted form of this symbol has become a symbol of the nazi and neo-nazi movement of the modern world. This movement, and others similar to it, is a movement wrought by the dictates of an intellect so engrossed in conflict that it cannot see the sweetness of the original eternal and true meaning of this symbol.

What was once accepted as a pure and potent symbol, is now despised as an impure and impotent symbol by the modern world. Many have become trapped in this gushing river of impurity and impotence that the sheer sight of the symbol raises backlash of fear and anger. But we cannot wind the clock back and prevent this adulteration of the symbol. We are already so far downriver of time that the ocean is now visible on the horizon.  

Nonetheless, the adulteration of the swastika is proof that our perspective of images can be changed. So, our challenge now is to transform this image again, and return it back to its pure meaning – but this time, all within the mind. There is no need to change the symbol’s appearance or even re-tilt it back to its devotional axis. Let us embrace the tilted version and give it a new perspective.

Read more about the history of this symbol in this fascinating BBC article by Kalpana Sunder.  

A new perspective on the tilted swastika.

When we overlay the tilted swastika on time (the face of a clock), we can see that the right-hand ‘limbs’ are approximately aligned with 2 and 5 o’clock. The auspiciousness of this alignment is unlimited.

The right-side, right-hand and even the word right is symbolically auspicious in its own right. The time between approximately 2am and 5am is an auspicious time of day – the confluence between night and day, just before dawn. We naturally accept this confluence as the beginning of a new time, month, year or age, and celebrate it with a lot of happiness. Even the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is the accepted meridian for world time, is (currently) minus five hours and thirty minutes to the India Standard Time. In other words, the GMT is aligned with the dawning of time in the place of Aryan origin. 

No doubt there are many other auspicious meanings that can be derived from this alignment. But the most significant of them all, is the taking of ‘amrit’ or nectar from the Divine at this auspicious time.

In Raja Yoga meditation, we practise the routine of getting up early in the morning (between 2-4.30am) to drink the sweet nectar the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul lovingly provides at this time only. This is God’s designated time for us, His children, to merge into His loving embrace and experience the super-sensuous joy that we see on the faces of yogis and only dream of attaining for ourselves. This lift-giving experience is for us all. But there is also a key that is required to attain this experience.

The most ancient scripture, the Gita, holds half of the key, which is the word Manmanabhav.  Raja Yoga meditation as taught by the Brahma Kumaris, holds the other half of the key, which is knowledge of who God really is, as the true sermoniser of the Gita.

This most auspicious time is the leap time of charity for the self. It is the time for self-transformation and majestic elevation, for spiritual transcendence in an age where the world is becoming increasingly trapped in the wrongs of our time. 

Rise above the wrongs you see in the world and embrace a new perspective.

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