Reading the tea leaves

Have you ever tried your hand at reading the future?

Gone to someone who promised to tell you about it?

Horoscopes, numerology and astrology were my favourite methods for a little pick-me-up. I would dip my feet into them now and then, getting a small taste of it, saying to myself “that’s very interesting”.  I found it gave me a little boost to keep my thoughts of the past calm, and to carry on with the present time.

But what if the tea leaves said that there are challenges in your future, but then it will all be ok. It would be like a blow to the stomach first, with a tiny carrot to look forward to. A storm of worry will be created within the teacup.

Doesn’t sound very uplifting, does it?

We have become conditioned to accept bad news.  We are told to just keep calm and carry on by our masters. In this conditioning, we have become dependent on reading the tea leaves. The tea leaves have taken control of our past, present and future. We are no longer the creators of our destiny. Life has become a struggle between the forces of good and bad.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Everything is good. Everything is beneficial. Everything is taking you upwards to your elevated destiny.

The catch is you must have faith. That faith starts within yourself.

There is no need to look outside to see your future. The next time you sit down with a hot cup of tea, or coffee, grab a spoon and stir the contents. Stir it in such a way that a whirlpool is created, and you can see the point in the centre. Then remove the spoon and focus on the point in the centre until the liquid cools down and becomes still again.

Take a moment for your self in this way.

Don’t worry about whether the tea or coffee will be too hot or too cold. Put a brake on all questions and worries and spin the liquid until you see the point. You will no longer see a storm in a teacup. You will see that everything is predestined to be just right. The lock will open and everything will turn to gold.

Learn the art to be present in being, and you will know that the past was good, your future is great, but the present is the best of all!