Quality Thoughts Create a Quality Life

We need to keep in touch with God’s plan to change the world of darkness into a world of light.

Worldwide, souls are experiencing sorrow and peacelessness. We hear rising feelings of helplessness, anxiety. People are wanting but not knowing how to connect to some positive action with their values. 

Life can become fulfilling only when we see the material world in a spiritual light. 

We then realise the quality of our life depends on us, on the quality of our thoughts. Our mind is a powerful thing! Our mind is not a cage. It is a garden and requires cultivating. When we fill it with positive thoughts our life will begin to change. Challenges and situations will come, but they make life interesting. Overcoming them makes life meaningful. Situations get resolved as now we think of solutions, not reasons, which allows us to emerge and use our inner qualities and strengths. We lose our happiness when we think too much and focus only on the reasons.

With her positive thoughts and affection for the Grinch, little Cindy Lou Who in the story ‘The Grinch Stole Christmas’, overcame all the challenges. She saw his goodness, never lost faith in the Grinch and with her good wishes and pure feelings, voila! the Grinch transformed and became a nice guy at the end of the story!

We forgot or perhaps never noticed, there is an aspect of our mind, our intellect, our conscience, watching our thoughts come and go. In meditation we get in touch with this observing capacity of the mind. It helps us see the full picture better, know what we are thinking and when necessary, change directions. Thoughts are the language of the soul. As we watch our thoughts, how one thought leads to the rest, we can see if we are heading down an unhealthy path, and if so, stop, and find a better path. Put a ‘full stop’ as soon as I see myself complaining and blaming. These two habits destroy my inner power completely, because they show I am still expecting solutions and changes from others. 

Harvesting these life-changing lessons asks us to let go of outward focus and instead of inwards. However, it requires understanding a new identity. Through meditation, you discover a very different ‘me’ from the person who may be stressed or troubled, the person who may seem superficially to be ‘me’. You realise that your true nature, the real you, the soul, is actually very positive. As the old habits and routines fall away we can begin to truly enjoy ourselves. We realise and visualise our true form of being an eternal radiance of spiritual light. Meditation is a spiritual exercise in which the soul as light, using the mind, intellect and power of wisdom, connects with the light of God, the Supreme Soul. Sharing our thoughts with God in such subtle conversations creates a beautiful, powerful and positive state of mind. 

Some benefits of meditation:

  • Meditation is a cleansing process. The old habits and routines fall away. Based on the thoughts of wisdom it has acquired, the soul begins to emerge and experience its natural original qualities of peace and purity.
  • Meditation makes our actions more beautiful and nature perfect and free from any weaknesses. The mind, intellect and sanskaras (the personality traits wihtin the soul), are cleaned completed by receiving the vibrations of God.
  • Meditation is a charing process, in whcih the soul’s inner powers are awakened. The soul receives God’s qualities and powers and transforms itself and emerges its original goodness.
  • Meditation also increases our closeness with God and makes us lighter and happier in our actions, along with making us more efficient and productive in different spheres of our life. 
  • Meditation gives us the power to see the specialities in others, not defects.


Most of us have an intuitive response which acknowledges there is goodness in everyone, it’s simply sometimes hard to see. Sometimes we may even find it hard to see the good in ourselves! Perhaps we grew up with others whose vision always landed on the negative, and taught ourselves only to see the negative. But who would choose to live in the darkness? Who whould choose to be a negative person? Who would choose pessimism? Probably very, very few, if only we could see the choice. That’s why it is essential you find the good within yourself, tend to it, nurture it, nourish it – just as you would the plants in your garden. When you focus on the good, the positive within yourself, you give it life. You give it permission to grow and to be restored to your nature. The good has been there all along, simply out of your inner sight, out of your awareness. Some say ‘get a life’ but this is how to give a life. There is how to give life back to yourself! Or do you prefer to live in the dark?

So focus your thoughts on the brightness of each day, on warm and happy faces, voices that speak from the heart. Understand a better way of life is in my hands, not in the hands of others. Focus on the positive and become light-hearted and our interactions will be full of love. Make a commitment not to give or take sorrow, not to steal or deceive anyone, to speak the truth, see the good in others not the defects and not criticise others. 

Live life fully balanced with your head, heart and hand. Live life for your good self and for others. Care, share, inspire.” – Dadi Janki

With this spiritual wisdom and strengthening these moral values we can work together to bring God’s plan into this world. 

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Sister Chirya is a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University for over 40 years. She is published in several international publications including the Daily Guardian (Delhi).