Powerful Energy of Blessings

Think in a new way and you will be a new person.

Each one of us is a walking radiator, radiating thoughts and attitudes. When these vibrations are pure and positive they influence our

state of mind and help us create powerful and pure thoughts. These thoughts of happiness, health, harmony and success when spoken or written and given to others are called BLESSINGS.

Give blessings silently with your thoughts. How?  When someone is not at their best, instead of internally criticizing them, notice the best in them.  Ask  yourself – What is the one quality I appreciate in this person? Notice and keep in mind their successes and qualities, however small. Visualize any change you want to see. Then start radiating this vision of change to the person or to the situation believing it has already happened. This change of thoughts and vision helps to bring out the best in them and you!

In reality the only person we can change is ourselves. For this we learn to give blessings to our self, for any habit we want to change.  Previously we were unaware we were creating negative thoughts, and now being aware, we pay attention to creating positive thoughts. Blessings are pure and powerful thoughts we create and have the power to transform our problems.  Blessings are like affirmations which radiate energy; these vibrations help us to create  a thought of what we want the reality to be, and helps to bring about change.

1. To change a habit of anger, Blessing – I am a peaceful soul. I accept everyone as they are. I express my opinion, but with dignity. I get work done with love and discipline. Peace and patience is my nature.

2. To change a habit of being late, Blessing – I am a powerful soul and can be everything I choose to be. I am punctual and I always reach before time.

3. For good health, Blessing – I am a pure soul. Every cell of my body is filled with love and happiness. I have released past hurts. My body and mind are healthy.

4. To heal relationships, Blessing – I am a loveful soul. I take good care of people, give them the space they need and do not fear losing them. I create the best in all my relationships.  All past negative emotions are over.

5.  To have a great day, Blessing – Whoever I meet, I create beautiful thoughts in my mind about the other person’s specialties.

Assignment: Similarly, we can create blessings for our work or other situations. Every morning repeat and visualize your selected blessing at least five times  Every hour, pause and focus for a minute to absorb the beauty of the blessing.  Before going to sleep these should be the last thoughts.

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 Sr Chirya is a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University for over 40 years. She has a BSc from Cornell University in Education, is published  in several national publications and the Daily Guardian (Delhi)