Power of Words

Kingdoms can be raised and pulled down by the power of words.

A single word alone can emerge centuries of connotations. A well phrased sentence can invoke deep meaning.

What about the words we speak in our ordinary life? Are they extraordinary? Do they have power?

Perhaps it is the combination of the word and the sound that makes it powerful. How it is said, can very much affect the way it is received. ‘It’ ultimately is the vibration of feeling we are sharing with one another; the word becomes a vehicle for this feeling or rhythm.

How often do you measure your spoken words?

A verse is a line of metrical language or, in other words, measured words. Too often, all of us, at some point in our lives, speak without thinking, and our speech becomes noise instead of a melodic sound easy on the ears.

Do you speak in verse?

Music, poetry, verses of all kinds can touch the heart, in large part due to the rhythmical nature of the words. When the word and the rhythm are aligned, the more power in the message received. Speaking less, speaking sweetly, speaking respectfully, enhances the power in our words.

Do your words strike the target intended?

Sometimes, the message is the one already in the heart of the receiver, and the word delivered is the vehicle to emerge that message.  Other times, the message is the tip, and the word is the arrow flying straight to its target.

Check for yourself, where on the Cycle of Creation you spend most of your words…

‘Verse’ is a word found in several other words, and when aligned together, they form a cycle of creation, beginning with the original word, verse.  Have a look for yourself in the image below.

Your words have the power to raise kingdoms. Or pull them down.

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