Path to Happiness

If there were two paths to happiness…

One where you must surrender everything to attain it

Another where you must actively chase it

…Which path would you choose?

Okay, now imagine that all the surrendering and activity occurs in the mind only.

That is, you do not have to physically surrender anything, nor do you have to physically chase after anything. Only in your thoughts are you surrendering to happiness or chasing it.

Now which path would you choose – would you pursue happiness with your thoughts? Or would you surrender your thoughts to happiness?

Did you change your answer?

The ‘Surrender of Happiness’ is the easy path and the quickest path that will lead you straight to the castle, without having to battle with obstacles in the labyrinth of the mind.

Awareness of the self as a soul and of the Divine is the extreme light of happiness that melts away all other thoughts. There is no other nourishment like this happiness. It is guaranteed to give you goose pimples!

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