Our Story

Our Home

Our story starts in a place of complete silence. The sweet silence abode. A place called home. Where all the good vibrations of a warm and loving home are experienced. This home has no walls or rooms, there’s nothing physical there. This home is beyond the physical, where there are no boundaries or limitations. It is a home of unlimited incorporeal light. 

This is our home. This is where we came from. We all came from this same home, and so we are all of one family. We lived together in this home, not as human beings, but as incorporeal beings, tiny points of spiritual light like sparkling diamonds or stars. For we are originally and eternally souls. We are spiritual points of invisible energy, self-aware and conscious. This of itself is a wonder! The mind, the intellect, the heart, even our memories, personalities or sanskaras, are all within the soul, a tiny point of spiritual light. It is the soul that thinks, perceives, feels, and remembers. Every soul’s original personality was full of pure qualities. Just as visible light comprises of a spectrum of colours, souls, as spiritual light, comprise of a spectrum of spiritual qualities. Our original pure and inherent qualities are peace, love, purity, truth, happiness, power and bliss.

Serene is a good word to describe home. All is still, calm and quiet there. There are no thoughts in the mind, no who, what, why or hows.   Nothing of the past and nothing of the future.  Just the peace of being present and still. The soul is free from roles and responsibilities, identities and relationships. Home is liberation for the soul.  It is where our energy is at its fullest and our spiritual qualities are balanced. Now you can imagine this home of light, with billions of tiny sparkling souls suspended in silence and full of spiritual energy. At the centre of them all, there is one soul that is brighter than all the rest. This is the Supreme Being, the Supreme Soul; the Highest of All, supremely pure and bright. Of a family of souls in a home of light, this is the Supreme Father of all souls. The One we call God, Yahweh, Allah, Shiva, among other names. It is this One that makes the home of light feel like a home. For His bright radiance is like an Ocean of Love, allowing us to easily and completely surrender into a sense of belonging to that One.

Our Father

The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, is not just our father, but also our mother. He is the epitome of the masculine and feminine, in equal balance and beauty. A personality of absolute purity and mercy, authority and humility. He has no body for He is eternally incorporeal. Now there’s a thought. A being with masculine and feminine qualities in equal beauty and forever invisible to physical eyes. Throughout history we have given God many forms and costumes, one mightier than the other. But His true form is that of a point of spiritual light, the quintessence of life. He does not belong to any one religion, but all religions belong to Him. He accepts each soul as His child, no matter what creed.

He is the Source of All Goodness. And what is goodness if not the expression of spiritual qualities in life? Goodness is the presence of spiritual light. God is the Unlimited Ocean of spiritual light. His unending waves of spiritual qualities continue to caress the shores of humanity. He is the Ocean of Peace, the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Purity, the Ocean of Knowledge (Truth), the Ocean of Happiness, the Ocean of Power, and the Ocean of Bliss.

Due to His ever full and unlimited nature of spiritual qualities, He is the brightest star of all.  As His children, we are all stars, in likeness to His image.  Each of us has a unique personality with a different blend of spiritual qualities, like a bouquet of a variety of beautiful flowers. Every child wants to be loved by their parent. God, our Eternal Parent, loves each one of us unconditionally because… well, because we simply exist.  We have a right to His love for eternity. But have we claimed it? Only when we learn how to accept and return His love, does the magic of spiritual love unfold within us and around us. It is then that we start to draw spiritual energy from God, the Eternal Source, and spiritual love informs our every thought and every action.

God is known as the Creator and so we have given God the title of ‘Him’. But it is not that He creates the earth or the universe. His role is as subtle and as powerful as His form. He creates new from old and brings back light into a world of darkness. He sows the seeds of pure thoughts into fertile minds and patiently grooms each one into an elevated being. Through this process, He creates deities and a world of Heaven. He creates Paradise on earth.

Our Story

The scene of our beginning is set on the stage of the corporeal world, Earth. From our incorporeal home of light, we came onto the stage of Earth where we play the parts of spiritual beings in human bodies: human beings. We adopted physical bodies in the womb. We took life. Without a body, the soul has no means to express itself, so life became our art form. We came down from home to sit in the seat of the forehead and became the charioteers of bodily chariots. We then spend a whole cycle of time on this stage playing different roles, in different chariots.

In the beginning…

The earth was pure, beautiful and abundant. The stage of Paradise was set and ready for its masters. It is heaven on earth. A time when pure souls come to earth and adopt pure human bodies and live long full lives in great happiness, because there is only one religion of purity. They are fully aware of themselves as eternal souls, such that, at the end of one’s life, one sheds his body as if it were old clothes and adopts a new one in the palace of a womb! 

In the middle…

We have forgotten this otherworldly time, because thousands of years passed by during the middle, and our consciousness shifted from “I am an eternal soul” to “I am this body”; our free spirit became caged. Our collective memory of those pure souls in human bodies became idolised in the form of deities and gods. Who are we compared to those magnificent, powerful, magical beings? And so, in the middle period, we worship them. Messengers arrive and establish their religions. Prayers, devotion, religious practices dominate our life, theist or not. Why? Because the free spirit within is trying to find its way back to truth. But no matter how many paths we’ve travelled, how much devotion we’ve done, the truth has always eluded us. Until now.

In the end…

Today, at the end, we are in an age that is equivalent to hell on earth.  But don’t despair. Heaven on earth is not just a dream, it has been and will come again. Very soon. We souls have been on earth for almost a full cycle of time, and so, quite fittingly, our beginning starts at the end. When all but a flicker of light, a spark of hope, remains in a dark world of irreligiousness and unrighteousness, our Supreme Father descends onto the stage to take us all back home to liberation. But before He takes us home, He prepares us for a new beginning and a new cycle of time. Carefully and subtly, like an artisan of fine craft, the Supreme Father directs and guides the establishment of our beginning.

A new beginning…

God descends onto an ancient land, the only land that has always existed throughout the cycle of time. Only a poorer version of it now exists yet those people still celebrate His birth, proving that what He did was beyond belief. It is not widely known when God descended, for His entry onto the stage is as subtle as His form. But He comes, in an incognito way, and He introduces Himself to an ordinary white-haired man of retirement age, who, for half the cycle of time, had been a devout worshipper. Divine visions are bestowed upon him, but he doesn’t understand them and so another explains the forgotten secrets of the universe and the path to liberation and liberation-in-life.  The man takes to the Supreme Father and His knowledge like a moth sacrificing itself to the Flame. So begins the spiritual birth of the first man, Adi dev, Adam or Prajapita Brahma.

It is not that the God takes birth in a human form when He descends. God never takes birth in a womb, for He is forever incorporeal. But He must still adopt a human body for Him to speak to His children who are also in corporeal forms on Earth. And so, He incarnates into the Lucky Chariot and sits next to the soul of the chosen one, in the centre of his forehead. Together, they converse and navigate the inner terrain of that one’s consciousness. Sometimes, it is like navigating through a battlefield as the chosen one tries to understand all that God is telling him, which turns out to be a stark contrast to that which he has been living for half a cycle of time.

However, by Power Divine and religiously practising what the Supreme Father is telling him, the chosen one becomes an example for living life with spiritual qualities. Through the Lucky Chariot, the Supreme Father also teaches others how to claim their inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life and many more take birth through his words. And so, He speaks and teaches His children and guides them on how to be free from a dark world of extreme irreligiousness and unrighteousness. The Supreme Father becomes the Teacher and Satguru (True Guide).

What does God teach us? Well, the establishment of a new beginning requires an evolution of human consciousness. We intuitively know that new beginnings require a new perspective, and we practise this every new year. But to completely change the way we see through these two eyes, and to start seeing through our spiritual third eye, the divine intellect, only God can teach us this. Only He can awaken the soul from the sleep of ignorance and uncage the divine spirit within.

This divine knowledge is for everyone and anyone who dares to claim their inheritance from the Supreme Father.   If I were to summarise His teachings in a line, it would be this: Realise yourself to be an eternal soul and constantly remember the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul with an abundance of love. But don’t take my word for it. Take to His knowledge yourself, from practitioners ready to teach you!

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