Other Side of the Coin

The Other Side of the Coin – Solving the Riddle of Karma

by Margaret Goodwin

So many people have asked me, “What have I done wrong? Why does this always happen?”
For a long time I couldn’t answer this question even for myself.

But, I came across a wonderful way of thinking about it that, in time, gave me all the answers
to this riddle of the Law of Karma.  I would like to share this wisdom with you. 

These solutions are easy to do. And they bring, in many instances, quick results.

The Law of Karma, in simple language, tells us that “what I give out, is what I will receive back…”
So, what is the easy method to receive what I really want, and turn away from what I don’t want?


This is the easy method I discovered…

First, identify the problem.

What is the problem?

“They don’t treat me the way I want to be treated.”
“I can’t find anyone to truly love me.”
“Nobody listens to me.”

We all have our own problems.

Secondly, think about the problem.

How would you like things to be?
Imagine things happening just how you wish them to be.
Now, you are closer to knowing clearly what you want.

You may want to be loved.
You may want to be treated fairly.
You may want others to have patience with you.

So the problem is: people are not having patience with you
And the solution you want is: you want them to be more patient with you…

Thirdly, the Law of Karma tells us that whatever we want, this is what we first have to give.

So, the solution is first give to others what I wish to receive.
Then, and only then, can I receive the karma I want because the law of karma says that I receive what I have given… 🙂


You see there is a lesson in every karmic situation that comes for each one of us
(even though it may not seem like it at the time).

This is such a beautiful thing and so easy, if we are able to see it…

And the simple method is to ask yourself: What do I want?
Then, by accepting the simple truth, that we need to give what we want to receive… we can solve our own riddle.

So the riddle is:  what I want, is exactly what I have to give in order to receive it.

It’s a funny riddle. But, the solution is easy.  However you do have to wise about it.  What do I mean by that?

I mean: don’t get trapped…

By saying the word trapped I mean: it’s VERY easy to see what others are doing wrong…
So do I have the courage to see this and at the same time not to focus on the faults of others or what others are doing wrong?
Because, getting on THAT bus… means I may not return from the journey of what they do… how they do… ,etc.
This is the second secret behind what I would need to do to give what I want, so that I can receive it.

To receive, I need to be free to receive 🙂

I have seen this work now so many times.
It works every time. If I give truly, from my heart what I want to receive, then I will receive exactly that, which my heart wants.

If I want to be loved, I need to have love and give love.
if I want to be respected, I need to have respect and give respect to others.
If I don’t want someone to lose their temper with me, I need to remain patient with them in every instance.

These changes may sound difficult. But these are also the things I have the power to do so that I can stop “receiving” the things I don’t like.


This is ALSO how I can break the cycle of suffering (whether it’s meant for me.. or just a mistake..).

The thirds secret is: this is how I can create a Good Karmic register, so good things will start to happen in my life and by using this method I can completely change my Karma and My life…

So, to create the life you want… be the life you want… and by giving what you want to receive – you will receive it.
Then you will receive all the true riches that your heart desires: love, appreciation, acceptance, patience and respect (and many, many more).