Mirror, mirror, on the wall

How long do you think it would take, for you

To look in the mirror before you can be confident

To never have to look in the mirror again?

How long does it take, for you

To truly know yourself?

If you are looking for defects

You will always be looking in the mirror, and

You will never truly know yourself.

The mirror will have a magnetic pull, and

A toxic love-hate relationship will grow.

However, if you are looking at the life reflected, at you

The mirror will be your friend, and

Your self-respect will grow.  

Then, even if you are parted with the mirror,

There will be no sorrow.

Because the life that was reflected in the mirror

Will always be inside of you.

Plant a seed of love every time you look in the mirror.

Look for the living being in the world reflected at you.

Choose to cultivate a healthy relationship

With all the mirrors in your world.

Allow the love to flow.