One third of Australian women live in rural and regional areas; areas known for their beauty, wide open spaces, peacefulness and community spirit. The people of these places are hard working, creative and resilient, and they look out for one another like family. On the downside isolation and loneliness, the stress of livelihoods that are dependent on seasons, the effects of floods and droughts, small populations of consumers, huge transportation costs and limited access to higher education and critical healthcare can take their toll. And then there are pandemics!
To help us cope with the uncertain world we live in ‘me time’ is becoming increasingly important. We need time to come back to ‘centre’, find our inner calm, reflect, and find inner strength, inspiration and motivation. The following meditations are offered to rural women in Australia as a gift for UN International Day of Rural Women 2021 – Building Rural Women’s Resilience in the Wake of Covid19. They have been created with love and inspiration by Catherine Elliott who lives and works in rural Queensland.
Grounding and Connection with the Earth 5:22 MIN
Love, Self-acceptance & Inner Strength 9:44 MIN
Inner Peace and Stillness 7:50 MIN
Focus on a Strength or Talent 8:00 MIN