Karma – Why Do Your Best?

Our thoughts, words and actions are the energy we send to people, which is our karma. Situations and people’s behaviours are the energy on the return, which is our destiny. Everything that happens in the theatre of life has profound significance and meaning. Nothing is random. 

What happens to me today is the fruit of the seeds I have planted in the past. The fruits of my karma, my actions, never die. They are even carried from life to life. It is not a question of luck. 


Plant seeds of peace now and create a life of peace in the future. Our thoughts reach other people. So, I carefully choose my thoughts and plant them carefully in my mind with love, as they will transform my day and change the lives of those around me. 


As you do, so you become. Every action that you perform is recorded in you, the soul. These imprints ultimately mould your character and destiny. By understanding this principle we are attentive and bring our best to everything we do. 

We human beings know what we should do and should not do. We know the difference between sinful actions and charitable actions, between right and wrong. Along with our mind and heart, we are also blessed with an intellect, a conscience, that understands these things. 

Life is like a fingerprint that can not be duplicated. So make the best impression with it.”

1. Trust yourself, or you will be looking for others to accept and give reassurance of your merit, and never feel satisfied. 

2. Put a full stop as soon as you see yourself complaining and blaming. These two habits destroy our inner power, because they show we are still expecting solutions and changes from others. 

3. When I love and respect myself, I can offer love and respect to others. 

4. Accept and experience my eternal identity of being a soul, and experience inner peace and power. 

5. Perform good and charitable actions. Whatever happens in my life is a result of my every thought, word and action of my present and many past births. 

6. Experience a relationship and recieve power from God. In meditation the Supreme Father helps me to destroy my past negative karma and personal weaknesses by keeping in his company and connecting and communicating with Him with my thoughts. 

God is not responsible for what is happening in my life… I am! Om Shanti. 

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Sister Chirya is a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University for over 40 years.