In the name of your Father, follow Him

I can share my experiences and tell you stories.

I can tell you what I am and who I’m not,

But if I add anything more, the ego glories.

I cannot teach you because your Father is the only Teacher.

You surely know by now,

A mother’s smile is her best feature.

Do not ask me to give you advice.

What I have to say, must benefit all time,

So, I will only share as much as would suffice.

Do not follow me across this veldt.

Apply the truth and work it out for yourself,

Because you have more experience under your belt.

There are hidden jewels you’ve picked up from your last birth.

Intuition, relationships and a sixth sense,

You can apply those for what it’s worth.

You can go beyond even my dreams.

But just remember and always forget,

Nothing is what it seams.

Nothing is what it seems.

Do not put me on your podium, place yourself there.

But only after knowing,

That when you look in the mirror there is nothing to see.

For you and I are,

No body.