Ignite Your Spirit

Spirituality is a journey back to the reality of the spirit.

There are so many religions of the world, all of them showing a different path back to the spirit or back to God. I’ve heard many people say that all these paths lead back to the same destination.

Through the eyes of spirituality, it is true that there are many paths that lead back to the spirit. But without knowledge, devotional practices are like veils covering our eyes and making the path and destination obscured.  The path itself must be clear and the destination must also be clear.

Find your true path and your true destination and then you will be complete and search no more.

Just as there are many human beings in the world, there are that many paths. Each one of us has a God-given gift, a divine virtue buried deep within the spirit, the soul.

Trying to find it is like trying to find a diamond in a pile of debris. The only way to get at it is to start clearing out the debris.

Clean your conscience by sitting in silence. Contemplate on your divine virtue, your eternal gift from God. No one has been left out. Each one has received this gift because each one is God’s child.

Like a lantern, each one’s divine gift is a pathfinder back to spirituality. Find it with silent contemplation, ignite it with Raja Yoga meditation, and you will discover the truth of all its facets.

This divine gift, this diya, will allow you to see your destination clearly. A destination back to the same One, one world, and one family. A destination of divinity.

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