How 6 became 9

Time is movement, a path of constant change, and so we are all on a path of transformation: young to old, old to new. Numbers play a significant part of immortalising this path, whether through numerology, devotional customs, or through observation of matter itself. All are connected and significant, and constantly moving in one direction, with time.

If we believe time to be a cycle, just as a clock-face, then time can also be said to be eternal. On a central axis, six becomes nine, and nine becomes six. Nine becomes six in a natural downward motion. But for six to become nine, it takes a quantum leap of courage into the reality of the spirit.

The Hidden Purity: Seven

The pattern we observe in a honeycomb, a hexagon mosaic, is one of nature’s mysteries and delights. When six of these six-sided shapes are brought together, like magic, a seventh is created in its centre. We also see the magical number seven immortalised in religious scriptures and customs, in the musical scale, and even in the stars (Matariki, the Seven Sisters or the Pleiades).

The honeybees are nature’s example of purity in life. The queen is raised purely on royal jelly, not honey or pollen ‘cake’. All drones (male honeybees) have one parent, the Queen, and so we see a ‘pure’ family path of the honeybee where its genealogy follows the Fibonacci sequence.

On the spiritual path, to be pure or ‘holy’ is the highest aim. The image of the lotus immortalises the path of purity and spiritual power.

When we practise spirituality, purity is the first virtue we observe and it is purity that binds the other six major virtues of the self: self-respect, peace, joy, love, wisdom, and bliss. These six virtues are merged in every soul, but it takes the practise of purity to emerge them in harmony.  The deeper the understanding of purity, the greater the value and intensity of all other virtues.

The Observer Effect: Eight

Rainbows never cease to spark joy in young hearts. The diffraction of natural light into seven major colours by Sir Isaac Newton was no coincidence.  The triangular diamond-like prism is the clear perspective from which the true composition of light emerges. A single ray of light is now a multi-coloured wave.

Then, quantum mechanics demonstrated the wave-particle duality concept with the double-slit experiment. In this experiment, a light photon, which is traditionally seen as a wave function in classical physics, makes a ‘quantum leap’ into a new reality, when the light photon is observed. Light is both a wave and a particle, depending on how you look at it. It was the knowledge of a light photon, together with the act of observing this photon, that created a new reality.

Knowing something and seeing what you know, creates your reality.

When we practise spirituality, the knowledge of the soul as a point of light is the first true understanding that enables us to see all seven virtues.  When we can observe the soul with the third eye, we are able to experience the soul’s virtues in the mind. Knowing the soul and observing the soul with our third eye, helps us create a world in which the soul is visible to the physical eyes also.   

The Power of One: Nine

The effect of the observer in physics makes us question the role of conscious awareness in a physical world. In a cycle of self-actualisation, we observe our world, and our world is created upon our observation of it. The Buddhist practise of open awareness or ‘unbounded wholeness’ is based on this concept.

But light, or knowledge, is not omnipresent. It must have a source. Just as the sun is the source of the seven colours of the rainbow, there must also be a source for the seven virtues of the soul.  

Everyone has heard about the third eye. Very few know what it truly means. The third eye is associated with the intellect. Opening the intellect, in the right way, is the easy path to open awareness and liberation. A righteous path requires divine knowledge and a divine intellect.

Knowledge is divine when it comes straight from the “horse’s mouth”, that is, unadulterated. The system of study, debate and pramana (Sanskit word for the methods of understanding knowledge) is a system dependent on personal experience.

When divine knowledge is spoken, it is unlimited. But when we process it according to our systems of study, we are limiting it according to our first-hand experiences. When it comes to spiritual perspectives, one size does not fit all, as evident by the numerous religions of the world.

When we practise spirituality, the knowledge of the Supreme Soul as the source of divine knowledge is the second true understanding that enables us to connect with that One.  God never said that he was omnipresent.

It is in our nature to share what we have learned and experienced, hence the many scriptures of faith. But there is only one true religion that binds all virtues of humanity into one. The original religion of a soul is silence. The Supreme Soul is also silence. All souls reside in the world of silence.

If we continue to use only spoken and written language as the means of communication, we continue to limit the divine knowledge received from the One, when its true nature is unlimited and one of silence.

Knowing that One and observing that One in silence, helps us create a world of oneness and unlimited divinity.

Create a New Reality. Know the Divine & See the Divine.

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