Happiness, Spiritual Intoxication & Bliss

What are the differences between happiness, spiritual intoxication, and bliss?

When I think of happiness, spiritual intoxication, and bliss, I think of happiness in the mind, spiritual intoxication of the intellect and a blissful heart.

The mind is closely linked to the bodily senses, and so happiness in the mind is also a happy relationship through the sense organs.

The intellect is the third eye of understanding, and so deeply contemplating the truth of God, the self and the world cycle creates the excitement of intoxication within the soul.

The heart is the centre of the soul, and so a blissful heart is one that is clean clear and limitless.  

When I think of these three states, an image of the flame best illustrates all three together. The yellow represents happiness. The red-orange represents spiritual intoxication. The dead space between the visible flame and the match represents bliss – detached and yet loving. Then there is the hottest white, representing purification.

Fire purifies everything. But just look how great the contrast of purity there is between the match and the tip of the flame!

Love is the constant flow of oxygen keeping this flame alight. If there is enough oxygen for complete combustion, the flame will burn blue; the sign of a peaceful and contented soul, with mind heart and intellect aligned as one.

The hydrocarbons are the fuel for the flame – the true knowledge of God, self and the world cycle; the greater the candle the longer the flame will burn.

The wick represents our good actions through the body, conveying the fuel to the flame, because only through actions can knowledge be imbibed by the soul. The broader the wick, the greater the flame.

So, let knowledge of truth inform your every action, and let love inform your every thought, then you will experience true happiness, spiritual intoxication and bliss in your mind, intellect and heart.

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