Giving is Receiving

I can only give my best to others when I am myself at my best.

We tend to look at life’s scenes with an attitude of receiving or taking something from life and spend much of our lives running after things. We live in a time of ‘take, take, take’, and spend a lot of time and energy getting something for nothing; we already have what we need. We think we have to keep what we receive, but whatever comes is not for keeping, it is for giving.  The truth of the matter is simply by giving we will receive all that we need. Even every positive emotion we give, increases inside us at the same time. 

“The love I give away is the only love I keep. The more love I give the more love I receive in return.” – Dadi Janki

And when you give, you get. Giving is receiving. We all know this eternal truth; it’s one of those cast iron laws of the universe. But we are conditioned to think the opposite. Make an effort to “be” and discover when you pause and observe, life helps and brings whatever is needed, at the right moment, in the right way. 

We forget being comes before doing, and requires us to be still and at peace, our most fundamental nature. The method of becoming a giver and not someone who is always asking for love and respect from others is to start filling oneself with spiritual knowledge. I have to remember my true form of being spiritual light. 

This body is temporary and not mine. I am without a body – and God too, is incorporeal. In the awareness of being detached from the body and loving God in complete peace and purity, I become filled with unlimited peace, love and happiness. Hold this awareness as long as you are able, and you will experience being loved by God. In His mercy, He pulls our minds towards Himself, saying ‘Keep your mind with Me’. 

When someone has true love for the one Father, they receive infinite happiness, which includes peace, love and purity within it.

To experience this limitless happiness, there are two conditions for receiving God’s help – one is courage and the other is remembering Him. 

Remembering Him is a way of giving Him love and respect. He is the Highest of Highest and yet the most humble being. He helps us more when we remember Him than when we are disconnected from Him. Taking the help of God makes it easy for us to face positively any situation at hand. 

By connecting with the Highest Spiritual Source, God, who is permanently full of those treasures Himself, we emerge from within the virtue of giving. We become emotionally powerful and lighter in our mind, more happy and content in life’s different situations and able to keep on giving the treasures of life – peace, love and joy. God never askes for treasures from any human being. He has only one intention, to give and fill others with everything good he possesses. He is an Ocean of all virtues. We need to train ourselves to make our personality like God’s by having a deep relationship with Him through our thoughts or remembrance. When we have love for God and remember to thank Him, this purifies our heart. This is what He wishes. Having a pure heart and mind is the only thing we can give Him in return for every beautiful thing He has done for us. Giving is receiving and every positive emotion we give, also increases inside us at the same time. But only when we take these qualities to fill ourselves from people and situations, do we become emotionally weak. 

Everyday, appreciate and empower people and inspire greatness in them. Recognise everyone nurtures beautiful qualities. Express your gratitude in your words and actions. Do not wait for an occasion to tell them. Immediately give a genuine thank you. Your giving of such kindness and love makes people comfortable and motivated. 

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire

Generosity is more than just giving; it also means to give a smile, a word of appreciation, to give cooperation to others, to see beyond the weaknesses and mistakes of others, helping them to recognise their specialities and inner value. Take out a few seconds today to praise someone and see the difference it makes to their day and yours. Giving always starts with acceptance. Start with acceptance to encourage and empower others to change. The language of one with a generous heart is ‘You first’. Generosity means the generosity of enabling all souls to progress. 

Make today a day of giving and tomorrow you will receive the fruits. Generosity is like a fruit tree in season. All its fruit is available to anyone for the picking. When I am full, complete, when I have conquered selfish needs then I can be naturally generous. I can only give my best to others when I am myself at my best. 

Some people say that it is very difficult to be positive in this highly negative world. But, just as an incense stick spreads fragrance everywhere and dispels bad odour, the power of constantly giving pure and positive thoughts can transform the negative attitudes and atmosphere of any person or place. Give, give, give. Give your time, good wishes, pure feelings, assistance and care. The highest purpose is always giving, and serving others, without wanting anything in return. Remember, it is okay to be a ‘doing’ person, but even better to be a ‘giving’ person. 

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Sister Chirya is a student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University for over 40 years. She is published in several international publications including the Daily Guardian (Delhi).