Get Real. Get Spiritual

A square can be called a rectangle, but not all rectangles can be called a square.

Truth can be called real, but reality cannot be called truth.

You can see the future potential in the infant form. But can you see the infinite potential in the present form?

What is your reality? Is it what you see with your eyes? Or is it what you see with your wisdom?

Did you know, that a seed always knows which direction the sun is in, even if it is planted upside down and deep underground?

The seedling that emerges is perfect and equal to the seedling that is planted the right-side up. You could even say that the seedling that was planted upside down is even more experienced and complete, because of its victory. Only the earth beneath and the seed itself knows the struggle it had to go through.

You could try to find out by digging it up and separating it from the earth. But who is willing to harm a perfect seedling?

We may never know which way we were planted. But we all know which direction to grow.

Together, let’s grow up. Perfect and Equal.