Celebrating International Day of Peace

Today is the U.N. International Day of Peace. Let us celebrate by understanding what peace truly means and how to attain it.

All human beings want peace.

Many other states of being emerge when we dive deeper into the definition of peace: quiet… stillness… tranquility… freedom… carefree…. harmony… content…

Peace is essentially a compact parcel of all these states of being. It’s no wonder we all want peace – everything is included!

Recently, I was wondering about the difference between peace and silence. When seen through the lens of spirituality, are they the same thing?

We can attain peace, but silence is something we must do.

Take white noise for example. On a graph it would look something like the image below.

White noise is full of highs and lows, and yet it can block out distracting ‘noise’ like excessive thoughts. Effectively, it allows us to attain peace when trying to fall asleep.  White noise is a consistent noise that is equal, or harmonious, at every frequency, or high and low.

Peace, then, is the attainment of many notes all in harmony with each other. Division and conflict are when the spikes become elongated and unequal. Inequality does not let us rest.

We all want peace. That is, we all want unity. One world. One family. But how can we achieve this?

If peace is white noise, then silence is the flatline. One note. One direction. Continuous and constant.

The highest direction is the high-pitched heavenly sound pulling our attention to the One above.

Above and beyond all sound is the world of peace, the original home of souls, in which the one Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, resides.

If peace is the world I want, then silence is what I must do. To ‘die alive’ and surrender all my attention, wholeheartedly, to God and allow His highest direction to guide me through a world of peaceless noise.

Take a moment now, to experience peace, by stepping into silence, in our Meditation Room.