A Crystal Clear Mind

January is a special month for the Brahma Kumaris family.

A month of lightness and newness. It is a time for flying in the mind. The accumulation of the past year’s efforts of introversion and inspection, and of growing and sharing, are the basis of the lift experienced in the month of January.  Just as children play the game of holding their arms tight against a door frame for a minute or two, then stepping back and feeling like they are flying, in the same way, January is the month to fly for souls.

It is the month in which the founding father transcended and became an avyakt (i.e. subtle) angel.

His consistent and tireless efforts allowed him to achieve a crystal clear and stable mind, connected with the One above, God. What more is there after that? And so, he, that is the soul, left the physical body and transcended to a stage free of being pulled back into the physical world. Karma and karmic bondages of the mind pull us back into the physical world. This is why we souls take rebirth. But not our beloved Father of Humanity. He showed us a way to be liberated, free of such bondages. January is a month of following the Father.

He will return to the physical world, but only in the new world, heaven on earth, a Kingdom created by God.

He will return as Avyukt, Krishna, the first prince of the Golden Age. He will be liberated in life, in the Kingdom of God.

It is interesting how the stories of the Father of Humanity and Jesus Christ are similar. I was particularly thinking about resurrection, and how it is said that Jesus Christ was raised on the third day of his crucifixion. Father Brahma left his body on 18 January, and three days later, through a trance messenger, he reassured the family about his transcendence to the avyakt (subtle).  It is also said that Jesus Christ will return to earth (the Second Coming). Our Father of Humanity will return, as Krishna in the new world.

The faith is strong for both. They both have the same message:

Love God with all your mind.



Seek the Kingdom of God.



The Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, God, says: “Give yourself to Me. Belong to Me. I am yours”. Only He can grant us liberation and liberation-in-life, as He did for father Brahma (soon to be Krishna).

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