7 Days

World drama cycle

Some say the world was created in seven days. If knowledge is the seed of creation, then they are not far from the truth.

Some say a human soul has 8.4 million births. If they move the decimal point and drop the ‘million’, they, also, are not far from the truth. God says the maximum number of births a human soul can have, is 84.    

The world drama cycle spins continuously. It is a cycle that, as with all things in nature, has a beginning, a middle, and an end.  The end presents a fertile foundation for a new cycle to emerge, and so the drama keeps spinning, exactly as it did a cycle before.    

Let us take this number 84, divide it by the 24 hours in a day. What you get is 3.5.

It takes 3.5 days to learn about the cycle of the world drama and our part in it, beginning from its pure, stable and prosperous state to its current corrupt, unstable and sorrowful state. You must understand the full picture and have an aim for the future if you are to see the beginning of a new revolution in the drama cycle.

Therefore, it takes another 3.5 days to learn the truth about how you can go back to a pure, stable and prosperous world again. Sign up for the 7 days Raja Yoga course today. The path to real self-transformation.