Initially, when looking at the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris from the outside, it may take you a little while to understand what's actually going on... To begin with, we are actually a learning place and not an Ashram. We are an educational facility and we don't have a Guru. Even Brahma Baba (the original Founder) who was incredibly inspiring, was not our guru – in fact, he spent his whole life empowering others to make their highest effort. If anything was to describe us the best, maybe as we have more than one million students across 110 countries and 8,000 meditation centres, you could say we are a very large multi-cultural family, working individually and collectively to create a better world.

Our Campuses ...

We have three large campuses, two in Mt Abu, and the largest at the foothills of the Aravali Mountain Range. Our University is completely self-sufficient, from the solar power, to the furniture we make, even to the soap we use… Pretty well everything is made on site. We have hospitals, aged care facilities, lots of Brahma Kumaris' students who live close by, and we have lots and lots of classes and spiritual discussions that take place non-stop 365 days of the year. Our largest meditation hall is situated in the Shantivan Campus at the bottom of the Aravali Mountains - it seats up to 25,000 people... On an average day we can cook up to 36,000 meals comfortably.

Can You Stay?

One thing that might make you a little sad is… as an educational facility, we are not open to the general public accommodation-wise. So to stay 'in house' you actually need to be invited... However, the good news is, we do have a few programs that run each year where we do invite people to attend. Otherwise, you need to be a regular student of Raja Yoga Meditation and living a Yogi lifestyle to stay.

Hospitals and Parks : Taking Care of Wellbeing

The Brahma Kumaris are responsible for building a number of hospitals and medical care facilities with outreach services in Mt Abu and surrounds. The largest, J Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre was established in Mt Abu in 1991. Global Hospital is committed to delivering healthcare to all, irrespective of the patient's economic or social standing. No patient has ever been turned away for want of money to pay his or her bill. They have also been entrusted across India, with creating and maintaining a number of parks that promote both physical and mental health through relaxation and enjoyment. The most well known in Mt Abu is Peace Park.

Global Hospital

J Watumul Global Hospital and Research Centre

The Peace Park


We do Open Eyed Meditation and white colour has a good significance for us because it is the balancing spectrum of all colour – so it actually takes you beyond the influence of colour (ie red is for passion, blue is for introversion, green is for peace, etc).  White especially helps when meditating with Open Eyes, and it helps you to keep your Mind and Thoughts focused and beyond influence of feelings and emotions.  

No, not at all.  If you are invited to one of our programs in any location you don't have to be vegetarian, however, we do ask you to be vegetarian for the time you are with us, and we will cook you lovely vegetarian meals...

Yes, anyone is able to visit our Locations in India.  We recommend you look them up here:  and contact them prior to visiting.  Sometimes locations change or upgrade to different areas completely.  Always better to let someone know your coming and clarify the address.

Actually, we are a Spiritual University and not an Ashram (where overnight stay can sometimes be available depending on the Guru).  As Yogi's we have a particular lifestyle we follow and we recommend people learning about that before looking to join some of our activities.  Additionally, we do have times throughout the year when people are invited to stay but this needs to be arranged in your own country before leaving for India or any other location .  Usually we encourage getting to know us a bit before staying as we find that works out the best for everyone.

Yes - definitely!  In our Meditation we connect to God or the Divine Universal Force and whoever that is for you will be in harmony with our Meditation Practice.  We have a lot of Interfaith connections in our University, across many years, so we are used to meditating with people of all different types of Religions.  Anyone is welcome to our "World Meditation Hours" where we have meditation for the world and many locations have drop-in meditation available at their locations as well.  Please inquire at a location near you.

Global Hospital Outreach Program in Rajasthan

Things To Do...