Raja Yoga Meditation
@ Sunshine West

An oasis of peace in suburbia, the Sunshine West Brahma Kumaris Centre serves the inner and midwest suburbs of Melbourne.

Our community of meditators is an eclectic mix and our programs are offered in a number of languages including Hindi ....

Along with The Brahma Kumaris' core curriculum courses in Raja Yoga Meditation, regular meditation sessions and public talks, we also offer workshops and talks on positive thinking, self esteem, overcoming anger and the eight powers of Raja Yoga.  From time to time we deliver outreach programs to groups and organisations.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Brahma Kumaris Sunshine West
57 The Avenue, Sunshine West, VIC, 3020

03 8315 0025

The Team

Gopi Elton

Centre Coordinator / Tutor

Gopi has been with The Brahma Kumaris for over 35 years and has lived in many Brahma Kumaris Centres around Australia. She is a nurse, author and coach, and works in psychological recovery. Writing is one of Gopi’s passions and in 2018 her book, ‘The Merlin Girl', was published by a division of Hay House. She also enjoys getting out into the countryside.

Raewyn Simpson


Family is dear to Raewyn’s heart, and one of her greatest joys is spending time with her grand children. Raewyn has taught and practised meditation with The Brahma Kumaris for over 30 years and has lived in Brahma Kumaris Centres both in Australia and New Zealand. She works part time as a social worker.

Veena Ruberto


Veena is a very cooperative helper at the Centre and loves to help out with whatever she can do. Her specialities include cooking, sweet-making and making others feel comfortable and welcome. She is a mother of three adult sons and has five grandchildren. Veena likes to crochet, exercise and keep a good balance in her life.

Karishma Chand


Karishma is part of The Brahma Kumaris young people's group and is the representative of Hindi activities at our Centre. She is studying at university, and has an interest in creative activities with a unique talent for card and gift making.

Kalpana Trivedi


Originally from Mumbai, India, Kalpana regularly helps with Hindi courses and classes. She loves cooking light and delicious food, especially for visiting guests, and enjoys gardening and being a member of the Sunshine Garden Community Club. Kalpana enjoys time with family and playing with her grandchildren.

Shekhar Trivedi


Shekhar is Kalpana's husband. He too, regularly helps at the Centre with Hindi courses and classes. He enjoys time with his family and loves playing with his grandchildren. Shekhar is always ready to help out where needed.

Yoginder Kumar (Yogi)


Yogi is our go-to person when we need help with anything technical or mechanical at the Centre. He teaches the Raja Yoga Meditation courses and gives talks in the local area of Point Cook and surrounds. Yogi lives with his wife and extended family and enjoys photography, sports, (particularly adventure sports), travelling, and spending time with his friends and family.

The Place


Don't see what you are looking for? Please contact us to find out about activities we have at the Centre if they're not listed here.