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Themed events to sustain your
‘inner well being’.


Personal development

Personal development

Most people coming for a Brahma Kumaris event will likely want to tap into a deeper well of lasting peace and happiness than life has already dished up, or perhaps they feel the urge to go back to one they’ve lost somewhere along the way.

Our centres across Australia offer the Foundation Course in Meditation (part 1 & part 2) as the main tool for personal transformation. Other programmes and events on specialised topics explore practical spirituality, drawn from everyday experience in the workplace or at home. These events complement the core ideas and values of the organisation and are offered with a variety of people and a range of needs in mind.

Whether it’s guest speakers, courses, seminars or workshops, a range of themed events relating to the sustenance of your ‘inner well being’ may well be on offer at a Brahma Kumaris Centre near you.

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