Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink.

Here’s your situation. Imagine sitting in a boat in the middle of the ocean. You’ve just swallowed your last drop of bottled spring water. Now you look around. There is no land or spring in sight. Only salty water.

How will you quench your thirst?

If you thirst for sweetness, you could do a rain dance in your tiny boat and hope for a rain cloud to rain blessings of sweetness upon you.

If you thirst for the sweetness of truth, you could extract the sweetness from the salty ocean, which would require some effort as well as a tried and proven method and an ability to capture the essence. Each drop would be precious. The rate of efficiency would therefore need to be higher than usual.

If you thirst for truth, you could trust your tiny boat and the current of the ocean, and your firm faith in the truth will be your nourishment and direction. Your faith must be unbreakable. The bond of love would therefore need to be stronger than anything.

Regardless of your thirst, heat is the main catalyst, whether it is the heat of exertion, heat of concentration, or heat of a flame.

Which path are you willing to follow? Which path will free you from your situation?

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