Supreme Shortbread

Supreme Shortbread

By Fabulously Sweet

This is one of those superb “melt in your mouth” types of shortbread that can be used
for any occasion: kids lunches, that Monday morning or afternoon tea, Christmas gifts…

350 g Butter (softened)
150 g Icing sugar (sifted)
375 g Plain flour
125 g Custard powder
pinch Salt


  1. Cream icing sugar and butter, until creamy.
  2. Sift: plain flour, custard powder, salt – then gradually add to creamed butter.
  3. Flour bench and roll out dough (1.5cm thick), cut shapes with biscuit cutter. Prick with fork.
  4. Bake 150 Celsius (fan forced 120 celsius) for 30 minutes or until pale golden colour.


  • Dust in icing sugar before completely cooled
  • Add in a stunning pattern with a cookie cutter or stamp when cutting your shortbread before baking.
  • Add sparkly silver balls in a pretty pattern

And for that special sweet touch… slice a glazed cherry into quarters and put on top before baking.