One Pot Vegetable Meal

One Pot Vegetable Meal (Gluten Free, Dairy Free)

While in China, I created this easy, one pot meal – the flavourings that are added before eating gives the dish that extra special taste!!  Enjoy this gluten free/dairy free meal on the road or at home to soothe that winter chill…

This dish can have multiple variations such as mung bean past or substituting the mung bean pasta for dhal.

  1. Organic mung bean pasta
    (available from Health Food Store – very good to use because it’s low starch)
  2. Or dhal
    Pre-soak mung beans, toor dhal, channa dhal or lentils the before and then rinse and add to saucepan
  • Mung bean pasta/some type of dhal
  • Ginger slice and finely chop
  • Carrot slices
  • Potato cubes
  • Pumpkin cubes, keep it in larger pieces, as it breaks down during cooking
  • Spinach chopped
    (Any other vegetables of your choice)

Flavouring: use tamari or soy sauce, Bioglan Meal Booster, Savoury yeast flakes.

In the pictures, the meal has been made with toor dhal


  1. Break pasta or the dhal into the saucepan and add chopped ginger,
    then chopped vegetables (except spinach).
  2. Add water to almost cover vegetables, place on stove and bring to the boil
    (optional – add soy sauce or salt).
  3. Once the ingredients come to the boil, lower the heat to a simmer and
    cover with a lid.
  4. Simmer until either the pasta or lentils are cooked, adding the chopped
    spinach when almost done.

Serve in bowls, adding more soy sauce, meal booster, or savoury yeast as per your taste.

This is a quick and nutritious meal that will warm you up for winter – enjoy!