The Brahma Kumaris
Fitzroy Centre

Located in the popular suburb of Fitzroy, with its Bohemian reputation and street art, The Brahma Kumaris Fitzroy Centre has, over the last 36 years become a well known landmark.

For those seeking meaning in life and answers to life’s ‘big questions’, our unique calm environment, with experienced meditation tutors, is a great place to attend classes, courses and events. We offer The Brahma Kumaris’ core curriculum courses in Raja Yoga Meditation in English, French, Hindi, Tamil and Punjabi.  Weekly inspirational classes as well as drop-in meditations from Monday-Friday are also held.  World Meditation Hour is held monthly.

Fronting the Centre is our shop with inspiring books, CDs and lots more. Stairs lead to the Quiet Room, an oasis of calm, where you can just chill or be guided through a mind and body relaxation and visualisation.  Please call 9417 4883 to determine the opening hours each day.

The Brahma Kumaris Fitzroy

256 Brunswick Street, VIC, 3065
03 9417 4883

Accessible by Tram 11, Stops 15 or 16. Metered car parking in Brunswick St, but side streets have 1 or 2 hour unmetered parking, unrestricted after 7 pm. Please read signs very carefully as some areas are permit only

The Place

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