Binary Language of the Soul

Raja Yoga, that is, spirituality, is a binary language of waves (0s) and rays (1s).

When the current of Divine power passes through the soul, the individual mind is closed and its combined form (Manmanabhav) is open, thus representing rays of creation.

When the current of Divine power no longer passes through the soul, the individual mind is then opened and all the Divine power that was inculcated is now experienced, thus representing waves of sustenance.

The meditation practise of being at rest, in liberation, in the soul world, or Nirvana correlates to waves of sustenance (0s). The practise of meditating in the angelic form, in the subtle region sending pure thoughts of good wishes to all souls of the world, correlates to rays of creation (1s).  

This is the fundamental ‘machine’ language of the soul.

The same logic applied in computer language can be applied to the language of the soul.

For example, the binary code for a null character is 0000 0000 (eight waves or 0s, representing a complete soul, at rest); the binary code for a delete character is 0111 1111 (one wave or 0 representing the original state of the soul, and seven rays or 1s, representing a soul full of all qualities and on service (because an angel’s purpose is to only serve)).

Seeing the state of the world today, it is now the time for rays of creation. Know the Divine, take full power from the Divine and, in the combined form, spread this current into the world. Let us delete the darkness and create a new world of divine light. Each one of us is a super computer, capable of changing our world.

Learn Raja Yoga today, and speed up your eternal super computer, the soul.

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