3D glasses.

Do you remember going to the movies with your brand new red and blue 3D glasses?

Then out came the TV programmes, where you could sit in the comfort of your home, with your store-bought 3D glasses, and watch new dimensions being revealed.

I suspect, seeing the soul is very similar to this.

It is all a matter of the intellect. To see red as ‘white’ means to stand in the heat and see the point of it all. To see blue as ‘white’ means to sit in the boat and allow yourself to be carried away.

When you place yourself in a circle of both red and blue, you may be able to catch a glimpse of a new dimension.

Light energy travels in a straight line. Until it is reflected.

The spirit, or the soul, is an invisible point of spiritual light. Every thought, feeling, word and action is a release of this spiritual energy. The potency of each thought, feeling, word or action depends on its purity. If it is potent (pure), you will see success reflected at you. If it is impotent (impure) you will see challenges reflected at you. The key is, what do you ‘see’?

A good eyewitness, that is, one who is 6 degrees separated from the scene, would have a neutral attitude to whatever he sees, and would be able to describe the scene objectively, and therefore factually.

A pure mind is necessary to be objective about challenges and failures, but also successes. It is important to celebrate successes, but just as important not to inflate the ego with them. In fact, the key to a pure mind is to deflate the ego. We yogis, call this the virtue of being egoless. Truth is the key to being egoless because there is no ‘I’ in team. All you need to focus on is the ‘eye’ of the intellect, where the knowledge, along with the love, is your font of wisdom.

Truth, or the ‘point of it all’, is to maintain relationships by being inclusive and respectful and thereby achieve something far greater than the sum of the units in the team. Less expenditure, more glorification.  If you see a challenge in front of you, fall back on your collective wisdom and put trust in your team. 

An exceptional leader would learn how to be an eyewitness to his own part in the scene.  No matter what is reflected at you, keep bending your third-eye vision and make a 1-degree ‘heat-of-the-moment’ reaction feel like a 6-degree ‘cool-headed’ reliable eyewitness account. It takes a solid state of being grounded to make this into reality.

Keep bending your vision with your internal 3D glasses, to catch a glimpse of a new dimension.

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