Raja Yoga Meditation
@ McKinnon

A quaint little old house set amongst trees on the corner of McKinnon Road and Wembley Grove, has been The Brahma Kumaris McKinnon Centre since 2000. With it’s unique spiritual atmosphere the Centre offers something for everyone.

The Brahma Kumaris' Core curriculum courses in Raja Yoga Meditation can be taken in English, Hindi and Telugu. We also offer a positive thinking courses, regular meditation sessions and a general spiritual class on Thursday evenings.

Brahma Kumaris McKinnon
275 McKinnon Road, VIC, 3204

03 9578 9955

The Team

Serena Buhari

Co-Coordinator / Tutor

Serena has taught and practised meditation with The Brahma Kumaris for over 17 years and has lived in a number of Brahma Kumaris Centres in Australia. Friendly and open, Serena is known as a good friend and companion. She loves spending time with people from all walks of life and sincerely wants to help them on their spiritual journeys.

Ananya Tomar


Ananya came to the Brahma Kumaris in Delhi when she was 16 years old. No-one can spend time around Ananya and not feel uplifted. Her youthful exhuberance and spontaneity are a tonic for any weary soul. Ananya is a true to heart environmentalist and is in her 2rd year of studying Environmental Science at Deakin University.

The Place


Don't see what you are looking for? Please contact us to find out about activities we have at the Centre if they're not listed here.