Enjoy a Weekend of Spiritual Refreshment...


Giving yourself a weekend away to replenish, nurture and restore is a life changing experience for many. Just being away from it all and letting it slip behind you whilst you explore ways to look after yourself can be a great gift indeed ... All our Retreat Centres are in bushland settings, and provide nourishing environments and new concepts to take in. You can enjoy the calming atmospheres, spend time learning, and alone time reflecting, stroll the bush pathways, connect with people you've never met before who are like minded ... Our Retreat Centres are easily accessible by train and car. We offer comfortable accommodation and cook vegetarian delights 'with love' - all for you to enjoy in our peaceful settings...

5 Good Reasons to Study at a Retreat Centre

Putting Yourself In the Right Place

Giving yourself the time out you need.

Accepting the Nurturing

Plant based meals cooked with a lot of love.

Learning and spiritual reflection

Discover new methods to get the results you want

Connecting with Like Minded People

Meeting new people and sharing information

Meditating in short bursts

Learn new ways of meditation that can support you

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The most important thing to know about our Retreat Centres is that The Brahma Kumaris community values a healthy, safe, clean and spiritual environment.  We strive to create a conducive atmosphere where everyone can benefit and feel safe.

In keeping with our spiritual principles, smoking, drinking alcohol and consumption of non-prescription drugs or take-away meals (and meat) are not permitted in buildings or around the grounds.

Everyone needs to book in for our retreats and our website system operates on a first come first served basis. Often our retreats can get booked out, so please only book when you are committed to attend the retreat, as you may prevent another being able to book in.

Request for Confirmation emails are sent out a week prior to the retreat for you to confirm or cancel your place.

Each Retreat Centre offers a different range of activities including morning meditation before breakfast, a program with facilitator input, meditation experiences, group activities, personal reflection time and conversations with other like-minded people.
We offer freshly prepared vegetarian meals, which are cooked in a state of meditative reflection and served in an atmosphere of peace for all registered participants.

Please let us know if you have a special diet.

The Brahma Kumaris share their spiritual knowledge free of charge (worldwide) in the spirit of making it available to everyone. The Centre is run by volunteers who are financially independent.

Although our programs have no fixed fee in the spirit of community service, guests are encouraged to make a financial contribution towards the running costs of meals, accommodation and the maintenance of facilities at the Retreat Centres owned by The Brahma Kumaris. For further information, please email or phone.

Costs for our retreats held at The Hinterland, a Retreat Centre we rent from time to time for our retreats in Queensland, will be found on the booking page.