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Each Meditation Centre, Retreat Centre and Course Location offers different meditation events, courses and classes according to their audience... Some of our core Meditation Courses and Workshops are listed below.  You can explore our Meditation Courses and Classes page HERE

BK Meditation Introductory Course

Perfect for beginners. Learn our Open-eye Meditation Technique that can help you to stabilise your mind and free yourself from unwanted thoughts. There are 5 lessons to strengthen your resilience based on universally accepted Meditation Practices...

BK Meditation Intermediate Course

It's one thing to create a high level of Meditation Experience and quite another to maintain it. During these lessons we share several universal concepts that can strengthen our capacity to retrieve ourselves from difficult internal situations...

BK Masters Course

Self-mastery is the name of the game as it's impossible to rely on anyone else to provide our sustenance. During this program we learn to build our strength in meditation after we have discovered the unique set of things that bring us down or change our state of happiness...

Positive Awareness Course

Step into this Course to understand the difference between feelings and emotions. Discover how emotions arise in response to external situations and events, whereas feelings are deeper and less subject to change...

Stress Free Living

There's an art to living without stress... It's a State of Mind, an attitude, an awareness that you can develop so that you can step away from accepting stress as if it's an everyday thing that you can never escape from...

Positive Thinking

There's an art to thinking positive thoughts without pushing ourselves "forcefully." Learning to do this naturally allows us to live a peaceful life compared to forcing ourselves which only brings us stressful life conditions...

Self-Respect Course

Learning to Respect yourself is a key element of becoming confident or living a successful life. However, you need a strong foundation to be able to do this successfully.

Overcoming Anger

Anger is an expression of the pain we are holding inside ourselves. It means that something is not OK in our world. However, anger is also one of the most destructive emotions - it can easily destroy relationships.

Mastering the 8 Powers

You can't always change situations. You can never change other people. The only thing you can change is yourself! In this Course, you will be encouraged to think of yourself as a Hero Warrior who has been given eight "cure all" powers...


Our Curriculum has been developed over more than 80 years of intense meditation and lifestyle practice.  Originally it was put together by the Founder of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (Brahma Baba) who had a series of life changing visions.  Then later it was built upon and developed by several highly evolved Senior Yogis (including Westerners and Indian BK's).

In the world of BK we know it's pretty impossible to "create a BK."  You either have it in you or you don't.  Our entire lives are dedicated to living a very high (elevated) Yogi Life and our information is based upon the ancient practices of Raja Yoga knowledge that's centuries old.  These universally accepted practices have successful track records that date back to their beginning - which is thousands of years ago.  Our knowledge and information is very vast.  You are welcome to come and take what appeals to you the most.

Yes, please book in via our website system - which operates on a first come first served basis.  Often our retreats, classes and courses can be very popular and book out quickly.  In terms of the support we offer we need to keep a record of it (via our booking system) so that we can assist you.

We confirm all of our bookings a few days prior to (especially retreats) and we look forward to you coming to study what you need with us.

To book a retreat or Meditation class CLICK HERE to see what we currently have on offer.

Each Centre offers a different range of activities (so please check with our individual locations) however, almost all of our centre offer our Raja Yoga Meditation Introductory Course and then our Intermediate Course (see above)..  We also offer evening Meditation Sessions and additional Spiritual Classes that focus on Spiritual topics relating to our core information.

You are welcome to come and attend whatever you wish, however we do recommend you do our Raja Yoga Meditation Introductory Course as this allows you to learn our open eyed meditation technique as well as some important foundations for Meditation.

Definitely!  In fact, this is a wonderful way to learn Meditation and discover what each member of the family needs.  If your family does have special needs then please contact the centre to get a suggestion on how to proceed.  Sometimes when Families have lived through trauma together - it is good to learn in your own special class (so that we can address any issues).  And at other times, its good to merge with a general group because its more helpful and we can support your situation better in a setting like this.

Here at Brahma Kumaris, we have many families that meditate together and we have a lot of experience with this.

Technically, the Brahma Kumaris share their spiritual knowledge free of charge (worldwide) in the spirit of making it available to everyone and all of our teachers, facilitators and other helpers (like kitchen staff) offer their services in a voluntary capacity.  Having said that, there are natural costs associated with any venture such as cost of electricity, etc, etc.

We like the thought of working with a "pay it forward system" and this means that a previous person has already paid for you to attend our centre, retreat centre or class location today... and so when you make a donation (of whatever... time or money), you in fact, will be paying for another person to attend a course, a class or a retreat that's special to them (just as we hope, today is special for you...).

All of our activities rely on the generosity of those who come to benefit from our courses,classes and retreats, so financial contributions (from any guests) goes 100% to assisting with all running costs.

However, we generally will not approach you for money for our courses and classes (retreats operate slightly differently) and we accept donations anonymously.  So if you'd like to contribute financially to our running costs - please donate as you feel...