Raja Yoga Meditation
@ Brisbane

The Brisbane Centre occupies an early nineteen hundreds Queenslander in the heart of Brisbane, just walking distance from bus, train and city cat.

Our community of meditators includes both casual and more experienced students, and an eclectic mix of personalities, which not only creates a tranquil atmosphere, but an inspiring one to be in as well.

We offer a range of activities including silent and guided meditations, workshops, The Brahma Kumaris' core curriculum Raja Yoga Meditation courses, and stand-alone classes. Early morning sessions are run for advanced students. We also stream special events online.

Brahma Kumaris Brisbane
347 Milton Rd, Auchenflower QLD 4066
07 33682391

The Team

Peter Clark

Centre Coordinator / Tutor

As well as being a well respected tutor, he is also an accomplished songwriter and musician. Peter's commitment to the greater good allows space and freedom for others to grow. His values include dignity of spirit, authenticity and appreciation. Peter divides his time between coordinating the Centre's activities and working part-time. Peter has been practising meditation for over 35 years.

Phillip Gough

Centre Resident / Tutor

Phillip's interest in spirituality and science, when wedded with the worldview and methodology of the Brahma Kumaris, produces within him a lightness and enthusiasm to bring about a world of peace and happiness. He has practised regular meditation for around 35 years.

Maggie Taylor


Visual artist & designer, Maggie values and believes that creativity is a virtue that everyone possesses. She loves to encourage others to discover their true self through the arts and meditation. This is Maggie’s passion for a better world. She has practiced meditation for almost 20 years.

Lee James


Lee is a skilled therapeutic performer who specialises in bringing together meditation and artistic expression. Lee’s joy is in recreating spirituality, to make it accessible and relevant. He is a highly respected tutor and has practiced meditation with The Brahma Kumaris for around 35 years.

Madhuri Ganeshathuri


Madhuri is a devotional singing teacher for children. She loves to inspire her students to believe in themselves and to discover their virtues whilst having fun. Madhuri’s aim is simple - to be happy and to make others happy. She has practiced with The Brahma Kumaris for 17 years.

Christaa Light


Christaa is a dedicated and enthusiastic spiritual practitioner with an extensive background in business management, She openly shares the features, advantages and benefits of knowing the self and experiencing internal silence. Christaa has practiced with The Brahma Kumaris for twelve years.

The Place


Don't see what you are looking for? Please contact us to find out about activities we have at the Centre if they're not listed here.